Hello and welcome! I am Martina, a wife, a mother and a business owner. I am here to help you rediscover yourself, the feminine sexy woman, before you became a mother or a wife. My studio is a place of rejuvenation to exercise the mind, body and soul. Somewhere you can freely express yourself. I aim in helping you feel confident and sexy, by stylizing and guiding you through your session. I use light to create emotion and an impression of sensuality. I focus on simple details to help, highlight YOU.

I shoot boudoir to celebrate women and their femininity. I understand first hand how easy it is to loose yourself while taking care of your family, to put yourself last, and to think that their happiness is your happiness. But where are you? Besides your hubby and your babies, what else makes you happy? What sets your soul on fire?


Martina Warwick



182 Wellington St
Bowmanville, ON



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