Behind the scenes

You can do it!!

A Boudoir session can be a scary and intimidating thing, in reality how often do you get into your lingerie in front of a stranger? You may look at the images, and think, “I could never do this, I could never look this good”

But what if you are wrong, like not just a little, what if you are 100% wrong!! What if I told you that you can look this good, and that you can do this!! You know why, because you have me!! I will show you how, I will guide your through every single pose, I will encourage you and tell you how gorgeous you look, all the time!! All you have to do, is trust me, and don’t let your fear hold you back. This will be an empowering, thrilling and completely unique experience that you will want to recreate, and you will leave feeling sexy AF!

Here are some behind the scened I had my clients capture when I did a little project last month. There were 4 women, total strangers in one room with me, and they felt great and sexy, now just imagine what just the two of us can do together. 


Martina Warwick


Courtice, ON


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