It is no lie that I LOVE to make women feel beautiful, sexy, strong and confident.

Boudoir photos aren’t just for him, no matter what your reason for taking the photos is, in the end it’s all about you. Yes he gets to enjoy those photos, but he sees you like that every day. You may not think so, but he does, in his eyes you look like you do in those photos. You are hot!! A smoke show, as this client said. I am about to share her feedback of how she felt when she saw her gallery.

“Body confidence has always been something I’ve struggled with throughout my life! I’ve always been a little bit bigger then the other girls, and as much as I say it’s whatever it’s always really bothered me! 

I never thought about doing boudoir until I came across Martina’s page a few months ago, we instantly connected and I knew this was something I wanted to do! The experience Martina provided me was something I’ve never felt before.. it was the absolute most amazing thing I’ve ever done and I’m going to cherish these pictures for so long!! 

The first thing I thought of when I saw my pictures was “I’m so beautiful” and being able to have that first thought in my head was the most amazing feeling.. I cannot thank you enough Martina for making me feel this way!! 

Ladies! Please if you have any second thoughts about doing boudoir, JUST DO IT! It was the best decision I’ve ever made!!”


Martina Warwick



Courtice, ON


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