New Year’s Resolution

Ah, it’s almost end of February, so how are you doing with your new year’s resolution??

Well, lets say that I sometimes eat a nutella sandwich for breakfast, or a slice of an apple pie. Hahaha I know what you’re thinking, I’m not committed. And you’re probably right, some days I am more than others. But those days that I am not, it is ok, because in that moment it is what makes me happy. And in the end we all just want to be happy, isn’t that what life’s resolution is all about?

I’m not here to tell you to ditch your new year’s resolution, I’m here to tell you that it is okay if you slip one day, or one week. As long as you know and acknowledge that you did. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens to the best of us, and we are only human. Fuck if my period didn’t make me crave chocolate for a whole week before it came, maybe I wouldn’t slip, and just maybe I’d stay on track hahah (I know you can relate)

So instead of trying to focus on your end goal, maybe create steps on how to achieve your end goal, and focus on those tasks one at a time. Maybe your goal is to be a healthier being, so instead of throwing everything out of your fridge and pantry and getting only the healthy food (then go craving shopping after, been there), maybe eliminate one thing at a time (God only knows I’m never giving up chocolate). Stop drinking pop, or ice cream or whatever it may be, but do it one at a time. It will be easier and you will feel proud of being able to see progress.

What I am trying to say with all of this, is focus on you, do this for you:
* Let go of any fears you have about failing
* Work on your self love
* Tell yourself you are beautiful, even when you don’t believe it
* Save your boudoir photo as your home screen, as your wall paper, hang it in your bathroom and remind yourself that you are a bombshell. And if you haven’t done a session yet, WHY NOT??? Lose whatever mindset is stopping you.

I want you to remember that you cannot expect others to love you until you love yourself!!! What are you doing for YOU??

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Martina Warwick


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