Own it girl!!

Don’t be afraid, just let go!!

I would say that 100% of my clients trust me, and will do exactly as I ask. But I also will not push boundaries as I know their limits. Prior to each session, I send out a questionnaire which helps me determine everyone’s comfort level and what they’re open or not open to. Also the wardrobe that each client brings tells me how comfortable they are or they want to be.

I don’t want you thinking that it would be weird or embarrassing to show off your nipples or be bottomless etc. I have seen it all and it is not embarrassing to me. So don’t let that feeling or thought stop you from having an amazing and empowering experience. If you want to be naked, do it, if you don’t, that’s completely fine too.

Own your body, own your story, for our bodies are a gorgeous story of survival, saggy skin and stretch marks included.

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Her Testimonial:

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to Martina.
I had my photo reveal today and I am absolutely in love with each and every photo.
It was so hard to pick the ones I love most.
Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home to personally show me my gallery.
During my photoshoot Martina was super professional, I had privacy while changing and never once did I feel uncomfortable.
She knows how to pose you so that your best features show, while minimizing any of the things you might be self conscious about.
She verbalized specific instructions to get the shot just right so there was no worry . Trust your photographer!
She was extremely quick during slightly difficult poses, encouraging me to rest between shots and outfit changes so that I didnt get tired. She went above and beyond bringing in some cool props she thought I would enjoy and even gave me a hand doing up a very difficult garment.
Having my hair and makeup done made me feel like a celebrity, those ladies were professional and fantastic at what they do as well. They both listened to my preferences for hair and makeup and were quick with styling and make up application. I looked and felt so good afterwards I had to go out to lunch with my hubby to show myself off!
Thank you for the confidence boost, I feel great to have documented my beautiful body as it
is and felt just generally happy with myself.
If you are thinking of booking with Martina…do not hesitate!!!!”


Martina Warwick



Courtice, ON


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