Testimonial | Miss M

My bestie gifted me a boudoir photoshoot with Martina for Christmas, it took me a year of putting it off and claiming excuses to why I didn’t want to or couldn’t book it. Excuses ranging from, I wasn’t physically ready, I didn’t get to the fitness point I wanted to, I wasn’t feeling well…I was nervous, every excuse because I just didn’t feel sexy enough to be in front of someone I didn’t know and be almost nude and didn’t want to feel judged or embarrassed.
I finally booked my shoot with Martina and was so delighted and relieved almost immediately after I got there.
As soon as I walked into her studio I felt at ease. It was beautiful, warm and welcoming (much like Martina herself). I sat in the chair and her hair and makeup artists went to town, asking about how I generally like my look or if I wanted to be more dramatic etc., they made me feel part of the process and didn’t make me feel like an 80’s glamour shot photoshoot from your local mall lol the chit chat was like hanging with a few of your besties (sans vino lol)
As soon as the hair and makeup was done the artists went on their way and Martina and I were left alone to get started.
We went over which outfits I had brought and what I felt most sexy in and she made some suggestions for the colours and what would possibly work best.
She was so calm and made me feel so relaxed.
During the photoshoot she walks you through poses and how to breath and where to put your hands etc., (you know when you’re like, what the hell do I do with my limbs, you don’t have that feeling LOL) she’s so knowledgable and knows what angles look best and what is going to work for you as an individual.
After I finished my photo shoot with Martina I felt so sexy and confident, she reminds you that no matter your shape, size, colour, limitations etc., that you can be confident, sexy, as dramatic or emotional as you want to be and still flaunt your body without feeling judged, criticized or feel like it’s too risky to do something of this nature. No shame was present here.
She’s helps you bring that inner goddess back out in yourself that you tuck down deep and are too scared to let show.
I am already so excited to do another shoot and bring more of that feeling back out and see the difference from the first shoot!
Thanks SOO much Martina, you’ve helped me regain that confidence and self esteem that I’ve been hiding for years!


Martina Warwick



Courtice, ON


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